Migrate configuration to a new user account?
  • I love SecuritySpy, and have it all configured the way I want it, including action scripts triggered on motion, etc. But now I want to create a "background user" that will auto logon after a reboot (or crash or power fail, etc.) I followed the suggested process, creating a new "auto logon" account dedicated to running SecuritySpy. However, when the new account is started, SecuritySpy does not have access to any of the configuration that I have already set up.

    Is there some easy way to copy my existing configuration and account information to the new "background" user, or will I have to start over and config all cameras and scripts from scratch?

    (This background user stuff is a pain, but I guess you are limited by Mac OS design constraints.)

  • Hi David,

    This FAQ gives the information you need: How do I move SecuritySpy from one computer to another, retaining all settings?

    For simplicity, instead of using a background account, you can get your Mac to automatically log in to your main account, and then use a script to automatically go back to the login screen, thereby providing security (see Can SecuritySpy run before login on Mac OS X?).
  • Thank you. I like the suggestion of just using auto-login to the main account with the script to immediately take you back to the login screen. That seems like a good compromise, at least for physically secure locations.

    I must have been reading older documentation that suggested using a secondary "background" account. Thanks for updating.


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