One (or all) cameras going into Manual Control without input
  • One, or sometimes several, of my cameras just randomly go into Manual Control from Fully Armed. Of course, this is a huge issue since I do not know if the home security cameras are recording. I am clicking Apply Preferences before exiting.
    Any suggestions? Is anybody else having this issue?
  • Do you mean that they become disarmed by themselves, after you have manually set them to armed mode (or selected the "Armed all the time" scheduling option)?

    The only reason why this would happen is due to an error that is preventing the camera staying armed. Check the log for clues (File menu -> Open Log), or email us the log and we'll take a look (pelase save it as a text file and attach it to your email rather than copying and pasting, because it may be long).

    Also, make sure you are using the latest version of SecuritySpy.
  • Ben, I wanted to chime in on this. I've experienced this reversion to "manual control" in the schedules often and I think I posted this to you privately, or on this forum when I first started with the software this past summer.
    I've been trying to document what triggers this behavior without much success, but here's what seems to happen: If I go to preferences and change a parameter on a specific camera, (such as changing the masking a bit or changing a web setting) and save the changes, when I come back to the software hours later, the camera has reset itself to "manual control" schedule for motion detection.

    Another trigger seems to be changing the time interval of a saved and used schedule. After a few hours, the software for that camera has reset itself to manual control.

    I've just been living with this idiosyncrasy. I've found quitting the software and restarting immediately after changing a setting will eludicate whether this "manual control" issue manifests itself. Often immediate quitting and restarting the software seems to prevent this problem. But if I make changes to the camera's preferences and don't quit and restart, I can count on seeing this behavior.

    It only happens if changes are made in the camera preferences. I've never seen it occur on its own.

    I'm really surprised more people haven't reported this idiosyncrasy.
  • Hi @weatherguy - what version of SecuritySpy are you currently using? Please go to "About SecuritySpy" from the SecuritySpy menu, when you have the software open. This was a bug in an old version, but it not known to be a bug in the latest version.

    Also, to clarify, what do you want to have the Schedule setting set to? Do you want "Armed all the time", or have you created a custom schedule, and set that?
  • Hi Ben,
    I'm using 4.10 currently. I first started with the software with version 4.02 or so. As for the schedule, I have it set to "Armed All the time" with one camera and I have a manual setting for another instance of the same camera (9AM to 5 PM) with different masking. I've also tried creating my own version of "Armed All the time", but it makes no difference.

    ***It just occurred to me that maybe what's 'unique' about my setup and this bug is that I use 3 instances of the same camera with different masking and time schedules***

    As mentioned, once it's working and no changes are made to the preferences, it's fine. But a change in preferences without a restart causes the bug to manifest itself.
  • I had noticed this too but my situation is a little different. I have scheduled actions from 1 am to 6 am. But occasionally I use the iOS app to manually arm actions at some other point during the day. Then when I turn those actions off (via the IOS), the camera does not revert back to the schedule as I would desire.

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