• Hi Guys-

    I just bought a new camera that I'm going to be replacing an older one with. I was hoping to put the old cam in my garage, just basically aimed at the garage door so I can visually verify that it closed, but this would bring my camera count to 9 my newly upgraded 4.x license is only for 8 cameras.

    I have a hard time paying another $180 just to get this last cam into security spy. Is there a way to purchase a lic for 1 more camera or do I have to go all the way to 16? If the latter is the case I'll probably just forego the last camera, but it would be cool if I could add one more in for some reasonable price.

  • Hi Bill,

    If you don't need to record from this camera, but merely view it in SecuritySpy's user interface, simply add it as the last camera, leave it unarmed, and it will be available for viewing without requiring a license upgrade.

    However if you want to record from the camera, or if you want to stream it via the web interface (e.g. to a web browser or to the iOS app) then I'm afraid you'll need to go up to the next license level, which is 16.

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