D-Link DCS-936L
  • Hi, I just bought one of these cameras and am impressed with the quality of the picture and sound. I am able to access the camera through the dlink software, but as of yet haven't been able to connect it to the SecuritySpy Software.

    The camera is recognized by the automatic feature, but I haven't been able to connect through the automatic setting or by setting it up with the IP.

    I was hoping someone may have some thoughts.
  • This camera will almost certainly work with SecuritySpy, it will be just a question of finding the correct "Profile" and "Format" settings. Please try each of the D-Link profiles in turn, using the "H.264 RTSP" Format, where available. Each time you make a change, click the "Apply Preferences" button and see if you get a connection. Please report back what you find.
  • Thanks Ben, The format did the trick. It worked with the DCS-1130 DCS-2102/2121 setup. It is also important to remember that when setting up the camera with the D-link software you won't be using a user name. When setting the cam up in SecuritySpy you will need to use "admin" and the password set in the initial D-link setup.
  • Great, thanks for reporting back!

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