Recompression Causing Issues
  • I am using SS 4.0.10 on a 2011 2.5GHz Mac Mini i5 with 8Gb of RAM. I am using 6x cams, with most being very moderate resolution (640x480). Two of the cams are 1080p, but they're both hardwired to the Mac via Gb ethernet. All of the media is written to an attached USB drive - write rates to the drive are pretty modest

    When I turn on the option to recompress video, I get a lot of garbage written to disk (typically a blocky green mess, sometimes unreadable using 3rd party tools like VLC). The reason I want to use this setting is to enable the burned-in date/time stamp, which is very useful. As you can imagine, using a variety of cameras the OSD offered by suppliers is pretty nasty.

    I have tried tuning the compression settings in the app, but nothing seems to make a difference (I assumed an H.264 with 100% quality was more of a remux than a compression). I can't see the machine being stressed at all, so I'm not sure why I get so many more encode / video write failures when the setting is fixed.

    I even turned on the recompress and OSD options for one old 640x480 camera and left all of the others untouched. Result: garbage written to disk.

    Any ideas?
  • Please try restarting your Mac. We have seen situations where the hardware-accelerated video compression gets into a state where it produces corrupt video. Does this fix it?
  • Hi Ben - I'll turn on the OSD and recompression for a couple of cameras and schedule a nightly reboot, to see if this fixes things. Will post here with results in a day or two. Thank you.
  • OK, so I would say this experiment has proven something, but not anything positive. When I had a nightly reboot scheduled and SS recompressed video (initially just the JPEG streams but then adding an H.264) I got a whole load of garbage files.

    Interestingly, some of the bugs in the browser view (black video, glitchy scrolling through timeline, 4x ffwd not working) all came back. Hmmm. For me, it's worth the pain of not having the OSD overlay until some of these issues are patched, or until there is some solid advice about how to minimise bad video.

    Thanks a lot!

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