50 hours later still frustrated
  • I have an ip kkmoon camera but the SecuritySpy software picks it up as a Foscam. Currently I can get the software to pick up the camera through my local network at home as a wired camera. The camera is not found through the preferences and is found through the network device finder. When I type in the ip address it does find it. I can use it at home as wired. Two problems I am having. 1. I need to be able to use the camera wirelessly. I unplug it and I cannot find an ip address. I thought I saw an ip address for wireless but it does not work. 2. I need to be able to view the camera from a different location and internet location. I can pick up the camera on my phone while I am out of state so I know I can do it through the iphone. I have read the manual and though thorough still vary complicated and I cannot get it to work. The camera is hooked up wired right now and works by phone. I have at least 50 hour into trying to solve this and it just will not work.
    Any help or suggestions would be great. I can be more specific with what I have tried if you ask.
  • Brian and I have tried to help you with this in your other thread Help with software and KKmoon IP camera but please understand that:

    - This is a very obscure camera.
    - These issues are not specific to our SecuritySpy software; your problem is how to set up the camera on your network.
    - This camera is not on our list of supported cameras.
    - Between manufacturers, IP cameras are a different in where all their settings are and what they are called, so there is no universal way to advise you about specifics.
    - The camera's user manual is not available online so it's impossible for us to know where all its settings are. In fact it is difficult to locate any information about this camera whatsoever.

    Because of the above, it is very difficult for anyone to help you with specific setup steps. All we can provide is general advice:

    - You mention Foscam - this company does a lot of re-branded products for other manufacturers, so it's entirely possible that your camera is a Foscam re-brand.
    - Connecting the camera wirelessly: you will have to locate the wireless settings in the camera's settings pages. Once there, you will have to select the right network, and enter the network's username and password. Only then will you be able to disconnect the ethernet cable and have the camera connect wirelessly. If the camera is not connecting wirelessly then there is a problem with these specific settings.
    - Remote viewing from the internet: please clarify - where are you running SecuritySpy and where is the camera located?
  • Thank you for the feedback. The software works with it being a foscam. I am placing the camera at our cabin in Arizona and want to be able to watch it from a different internet router/network in a different town in Arizona.
  • To make a server (such as an IP camera) available from the internet, you need two things:

    - The server must have a static IP address on your local network (LAN).

    - A DDNS name, to give the server a static Internet hostname even if the IP address of your Internet connection changes. You generally have to pay for this (SecuritySpy comes with its own free service, but you can't use that if you aren't running SecuritySpy at your cabin).

    - Port forwarding in your router for the camera's HTTP and RTSP ports (these are usually 80 and 554, but Foscam has been known to use other ports, such as 88).

    SecuritySpy itself provides all of the above automatically, so setting up SecuritySpy for remote access is relatively straightforward, however I would guess that for your IP camera you would need to set all this up manually, which is not easy.

    There are many guides on the Internet that describes how to set this up. We have some information in our Installation Manual, however this information is specific to accessing SecuritySpy from the Internet, not an IP camera. Still, the concepts are the same, so you may want to read Local Networks and Port Forwarding - Manual Setup.

    Knowing how to get this all working requires a certain amount of technical savvy. It would be MUCH easier to run SecuritySpy on a Mac at your cabin. This way, SecuritySpy can do local recording, and can easily be set up for remote access from the Internet with a few clicks.

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