Start SecuritySpy on Boot up, not Login?

  • Is there a way I can start SecuritySpy on boot up of my Mac, not on login? sometimes my Mac will reboot and if I don't login the software does not start up. In the past you could add apps to /System/Library/StartupItems and apps would start in the background. thanks

  • Hi John,

    Sorry this is not possible: any application that has a graphical user interface must be run within a user account. However you can easily set your Mac to automatically log on and open SecuritySpy inside a user account - please see the FAQ Can SecuritySpy run before login on Mac OS X?.
  • Ben's link pretty much covers this:
    There are extra steps you can do to then secure the unattended auto-login account again - by having security (System Preferences) set to require password after sleep or screen saver. If there are multiple users on the computer, make sure "Fast User Switching" is enabled so even from a lock screen it can be switched to the other users. Using a script like his link suggests could automatically sleep the screen/start screensaver or have the computer to back to the login screen reducing the window of someone else being physically at the computer being able to access the auto-login account.

    in the past /System/Library/StartUpItems/ were things that would startup with users logged in, not if no user logged in, that system was replaced with LaunchAgents & LaunchDaemons (Agents being generally GUI apps tied to specific accounts, Daemons being specifically non-GUI settings or processes that startup with the OS)

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