Bad frame rate, go wired?
  • I have a Foscam FI9803P mounted outside a window of my office. Every so often the frame rate drops to 1 or 0, and I have to quit SecuritySpy and restart it to get back up to 23 fps.

    It's literally the farthest thing away from my router in my entire house. Another FI9803P is closer to the router and doesn't have any issue.

    My Mac Pro desktop is about 3 feet away from the camera and has no wifi issues. I'm sure the wifi getting through the exterior wall of the house is contributing to the frame drop.

    I'm wondering if I can connect the ethernet port on the camera to my Mac Pro and share the network from the computer to the camera.

    That seem like something that's possible? If not, any other suggestions for that one camera? It's the one the covers the driveway, and sort of the most important one as it should catch anyone entering the property.
  • even interior walls can be a significant drop in wifi signal - exterior walls tend to be much thicker and drop the signal even further.

    yes the Mac Pro is possible to configure to share out ethernet from the wifi (wiring the camera directly would be better, but I realize that it isn't always possible) - it is configured from System Preferences - Sharing - then click on Internet Sharing (change settings so it shows : Share your connection from: Wifi - To computers using: Ethernet)

    Myself I got the POE version of the same camera the FI9803EP and ran the single ethernet cable outside each for backyard and frontyard. Wired is always more reliable than wifi (also reduces traffic on wifi so other devices that can only use wifi are faster)

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