Concealed door peephole camera?
  • I'm looking for a door peephole camera with nothing other than a lens exposed outside, something that I can somehow feed into SecuritySpy either via wired or wireless. I already funded the Peepl, but it seems like a long time before it ships. Anyone seen anything interesting?

    Ideally the thing would have a lcd view screen, I'm surprised something like this doesn't exist already. I can find cheap peephole cameras, but they're analog; or a door viewer, but no way to transmit the video to the network. I tried rigging up a Raspberry Pi 3 + camera to my peephole, but it is way too laggy. I almost want to stick a cheap Android phone to the door.
  • There are a few tiny IP cameras: the ones we'd recommend are the Axis P12 series or the Vivotek VC8101. Hope this helps!
  • (older post, but ...)
    You could also consider a "hide in plain sight" and mount a full Video Doorbell system right on the door itself. The camera is obvious, but there is a good reason for it to be there.

    The DoorBird provides continuous ONVIF video stream so it integrates smoothly with SecuritySpy. (Most other video doorbells don't provide direct access to the video stream and do not allow continuous streams - even if mains powered.)

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