Two-way Audio
  • Hi Ben,
    Are there plans to support two way audio in the near term? I remember reading that you were planning on it in the next release. Is that still the case or has that plan changed?
  • Hi Connor, yes this is an upcoming feature. What camera make/models are you particularly interested in?
  • Thanks Ben! We'd love to have this for some Trendnet TV-IP762 cameras.
  • Hi Connor, to start with it's going to be mainly Axis that we'll support for two-way audio, but we'll be adding other brands and we'll see if we can add Trendnet soon.
  • Hi Ben,

    Having two-way audio for Amcrest cameras (IP2M-841 series) would be great.

  • +1 for the Amcrest. If I'm not running Axis,I'll probably be running Amcrest in most locations (unless the super-cheap outdoor 1080P Chinese cameras get a bit better.)
  • I hope you will add this one, I really like it. I hope you will consider writing an IOS app, Remote Patrol is okay‚Ķ But sharing is nonexistent and sound I can't get to work... Really looking forward to the update.
    Thanks Ben!

    Hikvision DS-2CD2432F-IW 3MP Indoor
    Built In Mic and Speaker for 2 way Audio
    Built In PIR for True Motion Detection
    Built-in Wi-Fi; Requires 12V DC Power (Power Supply not Included), Can also be used POE
    Full HD1080p Video @ 30 FPS; 3MP @ 20 FPS; 2.8mm lens; Infrared night vision
    Support On-board Storage, up to 64GB (SD Card Not included)
  • I am very interested in two way audio. I had a ring doorbell but it always went off for cars passing by due to my side street. So to prepare for SS ver 4 what model Axis camera will you support first?

    Thank you
  • Hi Kevin, all Axis cameras use the same API, so all of them that have this feature will be supported by SecuritySpy version 4.
  • Hi Ben, Any news on including support for two-way audio support for trendnet?
  • Hi Connor, no news but I'll make sure to look into that soon!

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