Reolink RLC-423 ONVIF
  • Hello, I've been a longtime user of Security Spy and it works great. Although, I just got a new PTZ ONVIF compliant Reolink RLC-423 outdoor camera. I didn't see it in your list, but I did see that if it was ONVIF compliant that it should work. On the Amazon listing they even show SecuritySpy software as compatible.

    Well I have it working sort of... Security spy can get the profile list and I can pick either the main high rez profile or the sub profile which is VGA. Either one I pick I only get about the top 1/4 of the video and the bottom 3/4 is just gray. I can connect to the camera with Safari on my mac and see the whole picture as well as IE in Parallels.

    I did have to set the ONVIF port to 8000 and the RTSP port to:554 before SecuritySpy would recognize it.

    I tried the 3 different formats available in Security Spy:
    RTSP TCP - connected but only top 1/4 video shows
    RTSP UDP - connected but only top 1/4 video shows
    RTSP over HTTP - won't connect

    This is one solid beast of a security camera, huge upgrade from my Foscam junk that finally died. It's all metal, has a nice camera and huge IR lights, internal heater, Audio, PTZ x4 and did I mention it's all metal :)

    I sure would like to get the full picture in SecuritySpy, I'm sure it's something I'm doing wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • After further testing I discovered an encoding setting, H.264 Profile. The default was "High" I tried "Main" and then finally "Baseline" which worked. So "Baseline" H.264 Profile was able to give me full video. This camera claims to have Audio as well and I have the "Record Audio" checked in the ReoLink software but no dice. Although, I don't hear audio on anything so it may not be Security Spy's fault.

    Just thought I would post an update in case anyone else is trying this camera which I believe is relatively new but appears to be a heck of a deal at $269.99.

    4x Optical zoom is fun, now I wish it was more :)
  • Thanks for the information, it is very useful. There must be some incompatibility with those profiles and QuickTime (which is what SecuritySpy currently uses for its video compression and decompression).

    It looks like a nice camera - great value considering the features.
  • Hi @creativebush - can you please describe exactly where you found this H.264 profile setting? We're currently testing a different Reolink camera (RLC-410) with the same problem, but I can't find this setting anywhere. Thanks!
  • Hi Ben. After hours of frustration, I discovered to change the settings as recommended by creativebush, you must use the Reolink Windows App. The Mac Client does not have the additional settings that the Windows client offers. Now that I have video, my next goal is to get audio to work.
  • Sorry, I didn't realize there were more replies to this. Yes Eratec is correct, I had to bust out the windows Reolink software on a PC before I could access "ALL" the settings. I don't think the software on the Reolink cameras is very good yet. It's pretty clunky and not as many settings as I'm used to seeing.

    -Added email notifications to my preferences here in the forums :)
  • Thanks for the hint regarding using the windows version of the Reolink software to change the H.264 setting -- that got video working on my RLC-410. However, I have been unable to get audio working thru security spy on this camera. I know audio works as the Reolink software can pick up the audio, but not security spy. Using SS 3.4.10, and Reolink firmware version 806_16041900, both updated yesterday.

    Under Camera Settings, audio input is set to Network Device, and both checkboxes are checked. This configuration works with other audio-enabled cameras.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  • Hi @sjf, please try the latest beta version of SecuritySpy, does this fix the audio problem?
  • Hello sjf, I haven't been able to get audio working on my Reolink camera at all, even with the native windows software on a windows machine. I think I have a defective unit, unfortunately I didn't really discover this until it was already installed. Where it's installed doesn't really need audio so I haven't messed with it. Sorry not much help :( I did see in the amazon reviews of the camera that audio performance wasn't too hot for a lot of people which is unfortunate.
  • @Ben, No, still no audio. I did notice though that if i set the audio input to "Built in microphone" (which I believe is the mic in the iMac, not the camera) i do get audio, and on the Camera Status screen under Audio I have a speaker icon which I can use to mute or enable sound, and a sound level meter. When I switch back to Network Device, the speaker icon is replaced with a minus sign, and the level meter is absent. (If that is any help.)

    (Also, the beta version seems a bit more likely to display a green screen)
  • Some observations on a new RLC-423 added to SS 4.0.5.

    Using the ReoLink profile, no PTZ
    Using ONVIF I'm able to get partial PTZ, rotational and up/down work, but quite a bit of lag between pushing the button and seeing results in SS.
    No presets work in SS.
    I don't use audio, so nothing to report there.

    Has anyone been able to get better results re PTZ?
    I use SS in conjunction with Indigo HA and the presets make it wife-friendly, via an Insteon 8 button switch :).

    First impression of the '423 is that I'm optimistic. Image quality is good, better than the 1k+ Axis it's replacing.
  • I am having same issues also with Reolink-423
  • I'm successfully using my Reolink 423 camera with SS 4.0.10. I can use the pan and tilt buttons however the presets don't work. I have it setup as an ONVIF camera if that helps.
  • Beta 4.0.11b10 seems to fix those issues.
  • I've got this camera working with security spy more or less. I didn't have any trouble with the h.264 profile, base, main, and high all worked for me.

    The one issue I'm having with the onvif profile is that the pan/zoom is erratic. It either pans too slowly, in too small an increment, or zips around unstoppably if you hold the arrow key down. Any way to tune this?

    UPDATE: 4.1.b9 seems better than 4.0.10. I still find the pan increment a bit slow, but it repeats more fluidly and is more manageable when holding the arrow key.
  • Hi @bmcga - try the latest release version of SecuritySpy - this should be even better for PTZ control.
  • I'm using SS 4.1.7 with 7 various cameras, (the newest and in my estimation the best for the money) a Reolink RLC-423. This SS version seems to work well with the RLC-423 camera PTZ functions except for the presets. That PTZ camera is part of a security system that depends on moving to one of its presets based other events in the system. Hoping a fix is in the works.
  • Hi @xgeek - could you please try both the ONVIF profile, and the Reolink profile in SecuritySpy for your camera. Do either of these work for PTZ preset positions?

    If you click the "Auto-Detect Profiles" button under Preferences -> Cameras -> Device, what additional profiles are returned that work with your camera? Perhaps we can try one of these instead.
  • I think I also found a solution. I have 3 Reolink 410 and one 420. I realized that when logging in to the cameras from a client while the server was recording would cause the video to drop out. I switched my POE switches from 802.3af to 802.3at or POE+ switch. I actually got the BV-Tech version on Amazon for $40. Since I installed it a couple of days ago, I have had zero drops in video on both server, client and my phone.

    I have the latest version of SecuritySpy, all firmware updated and have a total of 12 cameras running.

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