Security Spy and ALPR (Automatic License Plate Reading)?
  • I recently read about the openALPR project and have started thinking about how I might be able to incorporate this into my Security Spy setup. Has anyone played with this yet?

  • Hi Rocco, this looks very interesting, however I don't think we would be able to implement it in SecuritySpy ourselves due to licensing restrictions. It would in theory be possible to obtain a video stream from SecuritySpy's web server and feed it into this library for analysis, though this would require a certain amount of work to achieve.
  • I thought that licensing might be problematic- maybe I'll be able to figure out something that runs periodically on my saved movies. That is, assuming I can figure out how to download and compile it. Thanks!
  • So nothing like reviving a 2 year old thread...But...

    Hey - I did this (very simply and rudimentary right now - it parses motion-captured stills for plate inventory and maintains a log and state file) but check it out. Let me know if I can help with it.

    Script here:
  • For someone who really would like to do this ! Can anyone explain in easy steps how to achieve this? The code still seems to be avail but with little explanation of how to implement and get it working?
  • Also I found a free option but again i have boo clue on how to action it ?

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