Marquee video view?
  • The screen saver for SS is pretty handy which shows everything at once, but I was asked if there was anything that would display a continual slideshow of videos. Anyone know of such a thing?

  • Are you referring to live video (i.e. each camera displays in turn after a few seconds' delay)? This currently isn't a built-in feature of the screensaver or SecuritySpy. However it would be relatively easy to write a short AppleScript that did this in conjunction with SecuritySpy. Then you simply use another copy of SecuritySpy (free for vieiwng purposes) for the display. Do you think this would work for your purposes? If so, we could easily provide you with an example script to achieve this.
  • Yeah, that's what I had in mind. Bonus if it could somehow play video from cameras where SS motion detection being triggered. I'd be interested in AppleScript if you have it, maybe I can tweak it a bit.

    Any way to do this on the same primary Mac that's running SecuritySpy? (afaik I wouldn't think it's possible to run two instances of SS on the same Mac at the same time?)

  • Yes you can do this on the same Mac as SecuritySpy, simply put it into full screen mode and initially remove all the cameras from the full screen display (from the menu when you right-click on the screen when in full screen mode).

    Then open AppleScript Editor and write a simple script like this:

    tell application "SecuritySpy"
            add full screen camera number 0 screen number 0
            delay 10
            remove full screen camera number 0 screen number 0

            add full screen camera number 1 screen number 0
            delay 10
            remove full screen camera number 1 screen number 0
        end repeat
    end tell

    This will rotate between two cameras (camera numbers 0 and 1) every 10 seconds. You can find out your camera numbers from the "Device Map" window, available from the Window menu.

    You could write an additional script that adds a camera to the full screen display, and then set this as an action for motion detection for that camera. This way, any camera that detects motion will be added to the full screen display temporarily.

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