Samsung Smartcams
  • Anyone using or tried using Samsung Smartcams successfully with Security Spy? I've tried a couple and the best I could get from them was 1FPS....just curious if that was a setting / feature limitation or something I could change. The rest of my wired and wireless HD cameras are fine - wifi is using an Apple Extreme III router so it's N capable. Distance isn't the issue, it's just the dang cameras.....wondering if anyone else experienced the same issue? Thank you!
  • These cameras have an annoying "feature" in that they don't allow you to customise the stream resolution and frame rate, but rather they come with several pre-set streams. The first one is high-resolution but low-framerate. What you need to do is go through the different streams using the "Input number" settings in the Video Device Settings window in SecuritySpy until you find a stream that suits your requirements. Stream 4 or 5 should be much better.

    It's a pity because the image quality and hardware design of these cameras is great, but they are let down by their very limiting firmware.
  • Awesome...Thank you! That worked great - very much appreciated.
  • This is off topic but relates to Samsung.

    I use two Samsung snv-6084 cameras that work great on SS. Don't know if they are comparable to Smartcams. These 6084 have great low light image quality. However I found out they slow down shutter speed too much to achieve that, meaning I get great static background image but anything that moves becomes blurry to almost invisible.

  • Thanks for the feedback @quinkink. Slowing down the shutter speed (increasing exposure time) will result in a nice static night-time image, but all motion will be blurred, as you have discovered. Does the camera have a setting to set a minimum exposure time, in order to mitigate this problem? This is a very useful setting, but unfortunately not all cameras have it.
  • Setting a minimum exposure time results in dark unusable images in low light. Samsung in my opinion cheats by manipulating the parameters to cover up the inadequacies of the sensor. Reminds me of VW's cheat. I use Axis too and I find their spec more honest.
  • It's true, Axis is always very honest with their specs, which cannot be said for all manufacturers! It's unfortunate that shortening the shutter speed results in images that are too dark - to some extent this sould simply add some noise to the image (a reasonable tradeoff to get short exposures), but I guess it's beyond the camera's ability to adjust in your case. The only solution would then be to add some additional lighting to the scene (i.e. an automatic dusk/dawn light) so that the camera can produce reasonable images at night.
  • I try not to light up the neighborhood late at night. The thing is, Axis camera advertising 0.1 lux can see what a 0.1 lux Samsung cannot see at the same shutter speed. Newer DSLR or mirrorless cameras usable ISO already gone up to ridiculous levels and can almost see in the dark, but ip cameras low lux spec hadn't changed much in the past three years.

    BTW Axis cameras work great with SS. I wish SS has those timeline thing showing multiple camera views for reviewing clips.
  • I agree, Axis cameras are very good, and they are honest with their specifications.

    IP cameras have improved dramatically over the years, but they do generally have significantly smaller and less expensive image sensors than DSLR cameras, so the low-light performance is never going to be as good.

    If you put SecuritySpy Browser into multi-file mode (go to the browser settings via the Browser menu), you will be able to see playback from multiple cameras synchronised together.

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