FI9828 settings?
  • So sorry to bother you with yet another FOSCAM model. I have cameras already working with SecuritySpy (4 older FOSCAM and 1 outdoor Sharx camera) but I can't see to find any settings that work. Is it similar to any of the other FOSCAM's for which there is a SecuritySpy default setting which works?
  • Other users have reported this camera works well with SecuritySpy so hopefully you'll be able to get yours working. Firstly, update the camera's firmware to the latest model. Secondly, set this up in SecuritySpy with the "Foscam H.264" device type. As the RTSP port, try both 88 and 554.

    Any luck?
  • Thanks, alas, I just get a communication error. Thanks anyway.
  • Make sure you have selected the "H.264 RTSP" format option in the Video Device Settings window - and then try both port 88 and 554 as the RTSP port. Hopefully it will work with the right combination of settings! Did you update the firmware?

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