suggestions for remote viewing systems
  • We have a bunch of old 17" iMacs that we would like to use as remote view of Cameras.
    would be great if there was a page that only had live view with no extra item and reloaded the page every 30 min as over night it seams to lock up.
    would also like suggestions for a way to get browser to auto login when it starts up
  • The best way to do this would be to use another copy of SecuritySpy (free for the purposes of viewing-only) on the viewing Mac. Simply leave all cameras in passive mode in any viewing-only SecuritySpy instance.

    The viewing SecuritySpy instances can point directly to the cameras themselves, if the cameras can handle the load (set them up just like in the server instance). Or they can obtain the video from the server SecuritySpy instance by using the SecuritySpy device profile in the Video Device Settings window. Then you can use full screen mode, which is probably ideal for your purposes.

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