Security Spy widget not working
  • Hello,

    I have no issues viewing the feed remotely using the address or with a VPN and direct IP entry, however the widget only seems to want to display a blank screen and blue question mark. Port is correct, address, login, and even the camera number are all correct... Can't figure it out.

    I did use the newer version of the widget mentioned here, restarted etc. same thing.
  • Hi - a question mark indicates the server is returning a "not found" error, which means that some of the information entered into the widget must be wrong.

    Firstly, check that the widget says "v2.1" on the back, to make sure you're using the correct version.

    Then, compare the camera number with what is shown in the "Device map" window in SecuritySpy to make sure that's correct.

    Probably the easiest way to check if the details are correct is to double-click the image in the widget, whereupon it will attempt to open the image in a web browser. Check the address bar in the browser, where hopefully you'll be able to spot any errors.
  • Hi

    all settings are correct it would seem. When clicked the browser opens to the "SecuritySpy Web Server" not directly to a camera image.
  • ok, I've added https:// and now double clicking goes directly to a stream. Here are my settings exactly, personal info redacted.

    address - https://*******
    port - 8001
    Camera number - 1
    username - ********
    password - *********
  • To anyone else with this issue. I had to accept the unsecured certificate in safari before it would work. Seems fine now.

  • Great to hear you worked it out, I'll remember this for any other users who are having problem viewing video in the widget via HTTPS.
  • No worries, great work on the App. Keep it up!

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