• Looks like a neat unit, wondering if it could be integrated with security spy/ Indigo..


    API coming out : https://ring.com/faq#technical

  • Hi Korey, this is interesting, and we'd certainly like to support it in SecuritySpy, but I think we'll have to wait for the API to be published to see if this will be possible. There is no information that I could find about standard protocols such as RTSP (which is what almost every network camera supports for video streaming).
  • Hello. Do you know now if the Ring Video Doorbells will work with Security Spy? At least the video component? Thanks!
  • Hi @brelic they still haven't published their API or any other technical information that would allow us to support their doorbell. For a doorbell that works with SecuritySpy please have a look at DoorBird.
  • I hadn't seen that, it's interesting. There is still no official API though, so this has been made by reverse-engineering Ring's software/firmware. Plus, there does not appear to be any capability to continuously stream video (which is what SecuritySpy would need in order to support the device).

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