Coordinating an NVR with a Mac Mini and Security Spy
  • My new larger camera demands are putting a strain on my Mini Server, I was wondering if there was a way to solve this issue by using a NVR in conduction with the mini?
  • Hi Juan,

    Not really; SecuritySpy itself is an NVR so it isn't designed to work with a separate NVR box. You could upgrade your server, get an additional Mac mini to run a second server, or reduce the frame rates of your cameras so that your current server can handle the load.
  • Hi Ben,

    I had an NVR so I thought I'd give it a shot.
    What % of activity should I consider for reserve?

    I have added a Dahua 3MP IPC-HFW2300R-Z and discovered that it's hungry.
    Anything below 12 FPS at night is smeared. Adjusting the bitrate hasn't helped much, so I'm looking for options. It's my favorite camera, so I want it to satisfy it's appetite, but not at the expense of the entire server.
  • Hi Juan,

    If you Mac mini has 4 cores, then the theoretical maximum CPU usage (as reported by Activity Monitor) would be 400%. So to leave some reserve you should aim for around 300% continuous usage maximum before considering upgrading the hardware. Similarly if your mini has 2 cores, then around 150% is OK.

    As for the Dahua, are you saying that below 12fps at night, moving objects are blurred due to the motion? This is a result of a shutter speed that is too long. Is there any way to adjust this, independently of the frame rate?
  • 2 core mini- 4 dahua cameras, 2x2mp (motion only), 1x3mp, 1x3mp zoom video+motion)
    98% VBR.... 130% CBR ...10fbs 2000ish bit rate

    IPC-HFW2300R-Z= I switched from CBR to VBR and it lowered the SS CPU usage by 25%

    In the CBR mode (old setting) The video jumped from frame to frame set at 10 fps in CBR, bit rate 2000ish and some frames were blurred.
    I'm now trying 15fps, bitrate 2000ish, best quality, VBR and it seems to have improved while still maintaining lower SS CPU usage at-120%.

    Thanks for your time

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