How do I configure my iMac local camera?
  • I chose local device >FaceTime HD Camera from the device settings. The camera is enabled in the camera settings, but I get no video? It has worked in the past.

  • When you say you get no video, what do you get instead? A blue screen, black screen etc.? Are you looking in the "All cameras" video window? What does it say for the status of the camera, in the Camera Status window?

    Check the settings for the camera in the Video Device Settings window - try removing any custom video size you have specified (leave those boxes blank), and select a medium frame rate (10fps or so).

    Also, try unplugging all unnecessary USB devices from your Mac and if this works, add them back one at a time to see if any of them are conflicting.

    In particular, if you have any USB cameras connected, they may be competing with the FaceTime camera for bandwidth, which can cause problems.
  • I have a blank black window in the All Cameras view - I want that to be the built in local FaceTime camera....which works fine in FaceTime and elsewhere - how do I "add new" camera to that 4th window (other three are occupied and I have a 4 camera license).
  • I think I solved local camera was not set to enabled...

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