Viewing captured video remotely
  • Hey guys,

    I am having some issues with viewing captured video remotely.

    When I am on the computer running SecuritySpy I am able to see the captured video and view it. But when I log in through the SecuritySpy web interface, Spyglass or Remote Patrol iPhone app) I am only able to see the files. If I click on the video file to view it I get a black video window and a spinning wheel but no video playback. I also have a bandwidth monitor app and am noticing that SecuritySpy is not sending out the video file.

    I have gone through all the user manuals and help files, set everything up as it should be, but I have come to a dead end and am in need of some assistance. I hope what I have explained here makes some sense. lol

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

  • Hi Landon,

    Sorry to hear you're having problems. The first thing to check is that you are using the latest version of SecuritySpy. Hopefully this will resolve your problem, but if not we'll have to investigate further.

    Do you have access to another Mac, so that you can test downloading of captured footage in a OS X web browser such as Chrome or Safari? This will help to narrow down the problem.
  • I am using the newest software version, I also do have another mac so I will try it again today. I will go over everything again and report back.

    BTW the software is great!! Keep up the great work.
  • I've got a similar problem. I have full versions of both Spyglass and Remote Patrol and am unable to view recorded footage on either apps! The web interface is fine on Mac, I can download or view both HQ and LQ footage no problem through the web interface. The web interface does not work on iOS safari though... The apps work fine for live footage and show thumbnails for all of the recorded footage but just won't play it. It just spins the downloading wait symbol forever. I've tried on the local network and remotely and it makes no difference. It's a bugger as I cannot view reocrded footage at all from my iPhone with either of the apps or the web ui! :-(

    I'm running 1 x Wireless 1080p Anran and 4 x HIK 3Mp mini domes set to 1080p. They are all set to 10fps at medium quality VBR. The host is an i5 with an SSD drive, 8Gb RAM running Yosemite 10.10.1. I'm trying to remote view on my iPhone 5s with iOS 8.3.
  • iOS may have a problem playing back movies if they are too big, or too high resolution, or in the wrong format.

    So first I would recommend you follow the steps outlined in the Optimising Performance section of the SecuritySpy user manual, in order to make sure that SecuritySpy is saving the H.264 video data provided by the camera directly to the captured movie files, with no intermediate recompression. This will ensure that the files are efficient, and in a format that can be played back on iOS.

    Next, if you are using the "One movie per day" options for either motion detection or continuous capture, this may be producing files that are too big. So, switch this to "Separate movie per event" or "Hourly" to reduce the size of the files.

    Finally, try the LQ downloads via the iOS apps (Remote Patrol calls this "Low Bandwidth"), as these should certainly play.

    Also, make sure you are using the latest version of SecuritySpy, and that you have not disabled the Make movies fast start on-the-fly option in the Web Server Settings window.

    Let us know how you get on.
  • So after spending a few hours looking into this it appears to be an issue with the https secure server in SecuritySpy and the handling of the certificate somehow. If I run the non secure server I am able to view the files locally, remotely through the web interface, through Spyglass and Remote patrol on my iPhone.

    I am not sure what other kind of feedback I can give at this point, as this is a little outside my knowledge base with secure servers. My next step will be looking into how to get my own signed certificate and see if that fixes the issue.

    All my software is the newest version and up to date. Does this make sense Ben? I'm not sure if I have described this very well.
  • Sorry I didn't realise you were using HTTPS, I should have thought of that. Unfortunately, iOS does not allow movie playback over HTTPS with a self-signed certificate on the server. This affects Safari, Chrome, Remote Patrol and Spyglass iOS apps, and there doesn't appear to be a workaround for this. The solution is to purchase and install an official certificate for SecuritySpy.
  • I've noticed this same problem. I'm wondering, though: I can view the live stream, just not the saved movies. Would it be possible for SecuritySpy to play the movie internally and put it in the same kind of wrapper that the live stream has? Seems like that would get around the self-signed cert issue.
  • Hi @bruindrummer - nice idea, but this would be rather difficult to implement, would put significant load on the server, and wouldn't provide a particularly good viewing experience. Most users use HTTP, which doesn't have a problem, and with HTTPS, purchasing a proper certificate is a pretty good solution, and makes the whole HTTPS connection work better, not just for movies.
  • Where can I find the ❝Hourly❞ setting in Camera Settings - Motion Capture? I only see ❝One movie per day❞ or ❝Separate movies per event❞ under the Capture Type drop down.
  • Hi @quinkink - sorry I made a mistake, there is currently no "Hourly" option for MD capture, this option only exists for continuous capture. I'll make sure this is added in a future update.
  • Now that you mentioned it I think Hourly or bi-hourly are very useful.
  • Hi Ben. As of Security Spy 4.2.9 I still do not see an option for motion capture to be set hourly. It's either one movie a day or separate movies. So currently I have to either have a hundred files per day or a huge single file to deal with which makes remote browsing of videos suboptimal. You had mentioned in 2015 that you would be sure to add it in a future update and that would really be helpful :)
  • Hi @Quick32 sorry about this - the reason why it hasn't been implemented is that we have had zero requests for this from other users since 2015, so we have been prioritising other features that will be useful to more users. We will add this in the future if we can, but as it stands it's a rather low-priority addition I'm afraid.

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