Dahua 4300S set up?
  • Ever since I added a couple of DAHUA 4300S cameras, Security Spy would intermittently crash and then reopen. Since I've seen others on the forums with these cameras, I thought to ask: What's the best set up/config?

    They are currently in Main stream showing:

    Code-Stream Type: General
    Encode Mode: H.264
    Resolution: 1.3M (1280*960)
    FPS: 20
    Bit Rate Type: CBR
    Bit rate: 6144
    I Frame Interval: 30

    No security spy text overlay, time is sync'ed from the camera directly. It occurred to me perhaps the CPU usage and crashing was due to the Resolution, so I lowered it and disabled the Substream.

    Running on latest release of Security Spy (ver 3.4.4) on the latest release of OS X 10.10 with all patches applied. Interesting thing is this happens on more than one Mac - I tried the config/set up running on a couple of macs (Mac Mini and also on a newer iMac to double check it's not the Macs).

    I have to assume it's the Camera set up on the camera or in Security Spy Video Device Settings. So, my question is it best to run it on H.264 RTSP (video only), or some other config?

    Thank you much!
  • Hi JT,

    Your settings look fine (thought we'd generally recommend VBR at medium-high quality rather than CBR for more consistent quality).

    The crash won't be down to your settings, but is rather something that we would need to investigate further to find out exactly what is going wrong. Please can you email us the SecuritySpy crash log files, which you will find in your ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/ folder. To get to your ~/Library folder, hold the alt (option) key, click on the Go menu in the Finder, and select the Library option.
  • Roger that and wilco....changing to VBR. If crashes continue, will send log. Thank you!!

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