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Easy powerful video capture

User Manual

Full instructions on how to use ViewCam.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between ViewCam and SecuritySpy?

ViewCam is for easy viewing live video/audio streams from IP cameras in a nice user interface, in order to monitor cameras in real time.

SecuritySpy has all of ViewCam's features, plus: recording, motion detection, AI-based object detection, notifications, remote access via web or iOS app, playback of recordings and much more.

In summary, ViewCam is for live viewing, while SecuritySpy is a full CCTV/NVR solution.

ViewCam can be used as a remote viewer for SecuritySpy, so in this way they can be complementary pieces of software (more information).

Which IP cameras and NVR devices are supported by ViewCam?

To find out which cameras work with ViewCam, refer to this list of supported cameras (this list applies to both SecuritySpy and ViewCam). In summary, ViewCam works with:

  • Any ONVIF-compliant IP camera
  • Any IP camera that supports RTSP or MJPEG streaming
  • Any NVR/DVR that supports RTSP streaming, for example Hikvision, Dahua, Amcrest, and Axis