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Multi-camera CCTV software for the Mac

Get more out of SecuritySpy with these extra tools and apps:

SecuritySpy iOS/tvOS app - remotely monitor your SecuritySpy system from your iPhone, iPad or AppleTV.

HomeHelper - integrates SecuritySpy with HomeKit. Trigger recording and schedules from HomeKit events, or set rules to control HomeKit accessories in response to camera motion detection.

RemoteSight - turns any Mac with a built-in or USB camera into an IP camera that can send video and audio over your local network to be recorded by SecuritySpy.

Network Device Finder - a free utility to find IP cameras and other devices on your local network.

File Writing Test - tests the write speed of your drive.

Video Codec Test - tests the video encoding/decoding capabilities of your Mac.

SecuritySpy Control4 Driver - connects SecuritySpy to a Control4 home automation system.

SecuritySpy Cynical plugin - connects SecuritySpy to an Indigo home automation system.

SecuritySpy Golang SDK - a fully-featured Go library for interacting with SecuritySpy.

SecuritySpy Dashboard widget - quick and easy remote viewing of your SecuritySpy system from another Mac [Note: Apple has discontinued Dashboard as of macOS 10.15 Catalina].

SecuritySpy Screensaver - view your cameras as a screensaver on any Mac. For instructions, see the SecuritySpy Screensaver Tutorial.
[Note: the screensaver has been discontinued - it should work, but if not, we cannot provide support].