August doorbell cam pro
  • Has anybody incorporated an August doorbell cam pro? Not sure if this is the same as a Nest situation.
    I would like to use something whereby I could open a door in an outer garden wall remotely.
  • While this doorbell does integrate with its own door lock, which is a nice feature, it unfortunately won't work with our software SecuritySpy. This is because it doesn't appear to support standard video streaming protocols, instead it requires you to use August's own software and subscription service with a monthly fee.

    If you are looking for a doorbell that works with SecuritySpy, Hikvision makes a good one that works well. However, as far as I know, it does not integrate with a door lock.
  • The current 2nd generation range of Hikvision POE video intercoms does come with a door lock function and I'm planning to buy it. I will install some dedicated Hikvision monitors for it but I'm hoping that in some rooms I will be able to get at least basic functionality/interactivity via SecuritySpy. What can I expect? Will SS pop up an alert window when someone rings the doorbell? Will I be able to converse with that visitor via SS? Will I be able to open the door/gate from SS?

    [I'm new to all of this but must congratulate y'all on bringing so much CCTV functionality to the Mac - putting to shame Hikvision's so-called iVMS-4200 Mac software.]
  • You can configure SecuritySpy to send you an alert (e.g. email or iOS push notification) when it detects any movement (or, optionally, any person) at any camera, including the doorbell camera. So you shouldn't need to use the actual doorbell press as an event to SecuritySpy.

    But if you do want this it be possible - SecuritySpy already supports event input from Hikvision cameras (configurable via the "Camera" section under Preferences -> Cameras -> Triggers). If you have any trouble getting this working please let us know and we can look into this for you.

    And yes, SecuritySpy supports two-way audio with Hikvision cameras.
  • Hi Ben, quick question on this one.

    Above you've written "SecuritySpy already supports event input from Hikvision cameras (configurable via the "Camera" section under Preferences -> Cameras -> Triggers)."

    To be clear, would this mean that when you press the doorbell button on the Hikvision doorbell camera - this could trigger an event in security spy?

  • Hi @saltyseadog21, I'm not sure. The Hikvision-defined events that SecuritySpy currently supports are IO, PIR, VMD, linedetection, and fielddetection - I'm not sure if the doorbell press will trigger one of these events, or its own event that SecuritySpy does not yet recognise. I can't seem to find this information in Hikvision's technical documentation.

    If you decide to go for this device, and you can't get the doorbell button to cause a trigger in SecuritySpy, please get back in contact and I will work with you to try to implement this.
  • Thanks Ben!

    I have a suspicion, but only that at this stage, that the doorbell works as follows.

    The doorbell is fed voltage from a PSU and connected to a bell unit inside. Much like a standard door bell, when you push the button the circuit is broken (including the power to the doorbell unit itself) and the bell rings because the solenid is de-energised. To ensure the camera is still running and you can view the video feed there are capacitors / a small battery that keeps the doorbell camera unit running while the button is pressed (should only be less than a second)

    I am not convinced there are any connections within the doorbell camera unit that would make the camera itself aware the button has been presssed, other than perhaps it may know that it is running from the capacitor / battery?

    Thanks for the offer though, very kind, I will have a look in to picking one up!

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