Feature request Remote management
  • Hi Ben,

    I'm using Security Spy for about a year now. I'm also using Indigo from perceptive automation. I had to separate the mac mini, for indigo and security spy.

    Indigo and the apple server app provides an excellent remote management option.

    Security Spy provides the option to access remote camera's, but viewing back recordings isn't possible (or I do something wrong) (on a remote mac on the same network).

    It's possible by a browser, but using the native app should be great.
  • While you can use another copy of SecuritySpy as a client to pull live video from a server, that "client" copy of SecuritySpy is still fully-functioning recording software in itself; it's not designed to act purely as viewing/slave software for the server, so it can't access the recordings from the server. For this you must use a web browser.

    However if the two computers are on the same network, there is a hidden feature that you may find useful. Turn on file sharing on the server (via the Sharing System Preference). On the client computer, mount the server computer's drive(s) as shared volumes (you should see the server computer in any Finder window on the left under the "Shared" section). Locate the folder where SecuritySpy stores captured files from a particular camera and drag it into the Cameras section in the Browser in SecuritySpy. The Browser will then scan the folder and display the video files.

    Hope this helps.
  • Is this still a feature of security spy? This has been another feature request of mine for some time!
  • Sorry, for various technical reasons, this is not a feature of SecuritySpy v4 or v5 (my above post in 2014 refers to the now-discontinued SecuritySpy v3).

    To view captured footage on another Mac, you must use SecuritySpy's web interface. On iOS or tvOS, use our iOS / tvOS app.

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