Feature Request - Highlighted area when movement is detected
  • I get a lot of alert emails from my system. So much that I have had to filter out sections that may or may not be shadows from trees. To help with this, it would be nice to have a red box (filled or not) around the movement area. I noticed that there is something similar when I am looking at the mask screen and movement is detected. It would be nice to have that option on the main areas too.
  • +1 here as well please!
  • As you have already noted, you can see this under Preferences -> Cameras -> Masks. I'm not convinced that an option to display this in the main video windows should be implemented (for one thing, this would require duplicate copies of the image to be created - one for display and one for capture - which would consume significant CPU and RAM).
  • The reason I requested this in the email notifications is because I don't and can't watch my monitoring computer 24/7. When I get 10+ emails in the middle of the night from one camera and I don't see anything, I have to study each picture in hopes of seeing why it went off so many times. Having the red square around the section that moved will tell me if it was my cat running through the yard or if the camera caught movement in the background of someone walking around the side of the house. As it is right now, I have to go to the computer and pull up the video for that alarm and hope I see something.

    FYI....Atleast in my case, the link to the video file in the emails don't work. The required port is listed at 0 in all the emails.
  • Hi @cditty thanks for the explanation, that helps us to understand. We'll think about this.

    As for the port number, this is a bug that is fixed in the latest beta version of SecuritySpy (currently 4.2.2b7). We'll release this soon as an official update.

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