SecuritySpy suddenly stopped working on iOS
  • I’ve had SS working on macOS and iOS since the first week in June. I purchased a license and bought the software. Now, very suddenly, the iOS app has stopped working on both my iPad AND iPhone. I’ve rebooted the iPhone and still no SS. It’s working and recording from macOS perfectly fine. I cannot go out into my backyard without knowing what’s out there as I’ve got someone living a mere eight feet away who has promised to kill me, assault me and kill my dogs. The family attacked me twice before the camera was there. This has GOT to work! My life and the lives of my dogs are at stake. And no, the police here are useless because the perp lives next door and they can’t be bothered because of merely that.
  • If it's both devices that now won't connect, then it sounds like it's a problem with the network connection to your SecuritySpy server.

    So here are some things to do/check:

    - Restart your Mac and your router - this often works to fix such issues

    - Make sure SecuritySpy's web server is enabled

    - Make sure the Mac has a working network connection to your local network. If you are attempting to connect over the Internet, then of course it must have a working Internet connection too.

    If you are still having problems, please email us and we'll help you track down this problem. Please include in your email any relevant screen shot you can think of, including the SecuritySpy Web settings window, with the "How Do I Access This Server" button pressed, and your router configuration pages (if you have set up your router manually).
  • Thanks for the suggestions! When I rebooted my Mac, I got a software update. Although that should not have made a difference, it did. Everything came back to its working state.

    I've never been able to access SS via internet remotely and have used the OEM software for that function. That's the ONE thing the reboot and software update didn't fix. It's been a real thorn as the OEM iOS software is a real power drain. Oh well, nothing is perfect!

    Thanks again!!
  • Good to hear things are working again.

    Are you saying that you can't get our iOS app to work, to access your SecuritySpy server? Please check out the Getting Started section of the app user guide, and if that doesn't help, please email us and we'll help you get this sorted.
  • Both my iOS and iPadOS SecuritySpy apps stopped working after I upgraded to the new MacMini M1. Rebooting my router fixed the problem. Thanks, Tom

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