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  • 1. I upgraded to V4 and stopped receiving emails, read a few things in the forum so uninstalled and went back to V3.

    2. Applied a recent update to el capitan and now Safari can't find my web access at (using V3), but I am getting emails on motion.

    Sure would like some help with these problems !

  • Hi Cy,

    All email problems should be fixed in the latest version of SecuritySpy (currently 4.0.4).

    If remote viewing has stopped working, it's likely that the system update changed your Mac's IP settings. If you followed our Remote Monitoring instructions you will have given your Mac a static IP address on your local network, but we have seen that OS X system updates sometimes reset this to DHCP (automatic). So if you set it back to the same static IP address as it was before, everything should start working again.
  • I have tried both the 4.0.4b and 4.0.4 versions over the last few days and still have the email issue I saw with 4.0. Everything works fine after a reboot, then I get delayed emails with no attachments (delays around 45 minutes or so), then finally no emails at all. One thing I noticed this go around was that it was camera specific - I started out with my usual driveway camera enabled, stopped getting emails from that one, then I enabled an internal camera that I usually don't have actions attached to. That one worked fine for a while then also stopped working.

    I've reverted back to 3.4.3 and all is well again.

    Mac Mini ("Late 2012", OS 10.11.5, 2.6 GHz i7, 4GB RAM)
  • I can confirm that I have not received a single e-mail notification all day today since upgrading to 4.0.4. My motion detection recordings are working as they should and the test e-mail function sends an e-mail, but none of my e-mail notifications have sent since 4.0.4.
  • Hi @cstout - can you confirm that the Actions mode is armed (indicated by a grey "A" next to the camera in the Camera Info window, that changes to red when motion is detected)?
  • Hi @Ben, Yes, I have both the M and A. It changes to red and records the video file normally but no e-mail is sent at all. I even verified the sent folder for the account being used for e-mail notifications and there's nothing. The last thing in the sent folder is the test e-mail that I sent yesterday (and there has been a ton of motion detection activity since then).
  • If there is no email sent at all, then there must have been an error creating or sending it - see SecuritySpy's log file (File menu -> Open Log) as this should contain information about what is going wrong.
  • Hi @Ben, Nothing in the log re: e-mail. That's the frustrating part.
  • No errors about email for me either. I have however seen 3 types of errors while running 4.0.4:

    07/25/2016 18:48:41: Error communicating with the network device "Front_Door". 4.0.4,10,835 Excessive packet loss from network device, the network may be too slow or defective, or this computer may be overloaded. Check the network and/or reduce this camera's frame rate. - This is the most common error and usually seen for all cameras at the same time. Probably something else.

    07/26/2016 03:00:36: Error communicating with the network device "Front_Door". 4.0.4,70219,32 Failed to obtain video frame from network device. Broken pipe (connection has been closed by the other side). - Only seen once for each of my hardwired cameras, all within 10 minutes of each other. Probably switch related glitch.

    07/25/2016 15:02:15: Error from camera "Driveway", it will be closed. 4.0.4b4,22185,-8969 Failed to decompress incoming video frame. Image data decompression failed - bad data. - 0nly seen for one camera, once.

    None of these seem to correspond to loss of email functionality, and all files seem to be recording correctly with or without emails going out.

  • Any updates on this? It's a huge security risk for me and I have to revert to SS3 now. No errors in the log, motion detection videos are recording properly throughout the day, and what's even more strange is that I only get MD e-mail at night. As if it's on a schedule or something, but there is no schedule configured in my settings. It is set to be always enabled.
  • Hello everyone. I finally had some free time to do some testing and seem to have found the source of the problem (for me at least). It wasn't until someone mentioned that image sizes were smaller at night that I put two and two together. Maybe, with the combination of the new default of four shots and a compression size set to high, it's too much for SS (or Gmail) to handle. I can't imagine the file sizes being ~5MB each though, so I'm still leaning toward a bug here. I lowered my compression quality to 35 and walked outside in front of my cameras...voila, messages started coming through again. @Ben, I hope this is helpful. Happy to do any additional testing if necessary.
  • Hi @cstout, this is very helpful, I was at a loss to explain why images were coming through at night but not during the day in the absence of a schedule, but this explains it! The latest version of SecuritySpy (currently 4.0.4) has a separate quality setting for JPEG images, so you can use this to reduce the size of the email JPEGs without affecting actual video capture. By using this, can you get everything working to your satisfaction?
  • @Ben, yes, since dropping the compression quality for e-mail they are sending. There's nothing in the log that ever indicated an issue though and when the quality was set to 100 the image size was approximately 1.2MB each. Large, yes, but nowhere near my 25MB file size limit with Google Apps for Work. Since dropping the compression to 35 the attachments are ~250KB each and have been working all morning.
  • Curiously, mine started sending emails again this morning after missing most of yesterday. I have since lowered my photo count to 4 (from 6) and also dropped JPEG compression to 10 - I'll report back...

    I'm also using gmail, so maybe there is something there.
  • After working fine yesterday with the smaller images and fewer images per email, I am back to not receiving emails at all today... Nothing in logs as usual.
  • @Ben, sorry but this issue still exists for me. Something is buggy here. I'm still missing plenty of email notifications and it's really throwing me off since I rely on them for so much throughout the day. The motion detection video is recording as it should but not all of the email is coming through. Though it improved with lowering the quality, it didn't explain why high quality didn't work and I still don't know why not all are sending. There's nothing in the log to go off of and I'm at a loss. As always, I'm happy to test for solutions but I'm out of ideas and will need some direction.

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