Videos cut short when viewing recordings via iOS app over cellular network
  • Hi Ben, I often find that if I try and pull up a saved camera video (either continuous capture or motion capture) via the iOS app when I am on an external cellular network that has a slower connection back to my server, then after a few seconds of loading time, the video length drops down to about 1 minute.

    For example, a 1-hour continuous capture is perfectly viewable when I’m on the local fast network, but viewing it over the cellular network lags for a few seconds on loading and then just says 1 or 2 minutes in length.

    I’ve been seeing this for quite some time. Is it possible to fix? Thanks!
  • By default, over a slow connection, the iOS app will request a "Low-Quality" movie, which is limited in resolution, frame rate and duration. To change this behaviour so that you get the full files, go to the SecuritySpy settings panel (you'll find it via the Settings app on your iOS device), and set the "High-Quality Movies" setting to "On".
  • Thanks Ben! That seems to have resolved the issue.

    I can understand that setting requesting a lower resolution and frame rate to view remotely, but I don’t understand why you would limit the length. That makes it impossible to actually view the files remotely on a slow connection (since all but the first minute of the video is missing).

    Is there a reason why the length is limited vs just dropping the quality and frame rate? Thanks.
  • The length is limited mainly because the low-quality files are generated dynamically from the full files, so when requesting a low-quality file there is an inevitable delay while it is being generated. A longer duration would lead to an unacceptably long delay while the file is being generated.

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