Retry failed uploads to S3
  • On occasion, I get notified by SecuritySpy that one or more files failed to upload to AWS S3. When this happens, I manually upload the failed files and they go just fine. I definitely don't think they fail because of an issue with SecuritySpy....likely a blip in the internet connection or something going on with S3.

    Does SecuritySpy automatically retry the upload at a different time? If so, what is the time interval for when it tries again? Is there a way for us to control the time interval such as telling it to retry in 2 hours as an example?
  • SecuritySpy maintains a queue of files to upload - you can see this via the "Uploads" window that is available via the Window menu.

    If an upload fails, SecuritySpy will retry the upload immediately, up to two more times. You will only get an email notification of the failure (and entry in the log file) if all three upload attempts have failed (at which point the file is removed from the upload queue and no further attempts are made).
  • Thanks for replying!

    Is there an official feature request discussion? I'd like to add to the list. ;)
  • We don't have a specific discussion for feature requests, but we do listen to all feedback and take it on board, and we do try to implement the most often-requested features. So feel free to make suggestions!

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