Annke C800
  • I have a couple Annke C800s set up and mostly working. Anyone know a good profile to use for these is? They supposedly support ONVIF and H265. I've tried the Auto-Detect Profiles button, but mostly what comes up is RTSP H.264.
  • ONVIF should be the right profile for this camera - does this work?
  • @Ben, if I choose ONVIF the camera does not connect. If I use UCam247 it seems to work just fine.
  • OK I'm glad you found a working profile, though it's strange that the ONVIF profile didn't work. There shouldn't be any downside to this, as long as you are getting an H.264 or H.265 stream through from the camera rather than a JPEG stream (you can check for this via the Camera Info window).
  • Well, after some more investigation yesterday I discovered that ONVIF had to be specifically enabled. Did so and now the ONVIF profile works.
  • Great to hear that, thanks for reporting back.
  • I'm in my C800 and don't see anywhere to "enable" ONVIF for the camera. Can you guys elaborate?
  • Hi @tlutrick this should be under Configuration > Network > Advanced Settings, as shown here:


    So you will need to enable ONVIF, then set up an ONVIF user, then give this username/password to SecuritySpy.
  • That did it, thanks Ben

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