Too many notifications
  • I have a few cameras with different views of my back yard/driveway, and I have them configured that if any of those cameras detects motion, it triggers the other cameras in the back yard to also record. I did this via the "Trigger other cameras" section on the Actions tab for the cameras in the back yard. That all works well.

    However, now when one of my cameras in the back yard senses a human or vehicle, a get a notification on my phone from that camera, but I also get a notification for each of the cameras that it triggered, so I get 4 notifications on my phone. I want to get notifications when any camera detects a human or vehicle, but I don't want to get notifications when a camera is just triggered by another camera.

    Is there a setting I'm missing to change that? Or can there be some configuration in the iOS app to configure what events we want to get notifications for?
  • Not ideal, but if you have say 4 cams, and each one triggers the other 3, then technically if just ONE camera had 'ACTIONS' set, that would fix the issue. Then, no matter which camera saw motion, they'd all start recording, but only ONE would send a notification. One reason it's not ideal is that the thumbnail image you get wouldn't always be of the actual 'action' the initial cam saw. It would be an image from which ever camera has the ACTION set, I assume.
  • Don't Actions need to be set to trigger the other cameras though?

    But to your point, I could just turn on notifications for one camera, but then I'd lose the thumbnail of the motion that was detected
  • I understand the problem you are describing, there is currently no good solution I can think of, but I will consider how we can tweak the settings here so that this could be possible to control.
  • My simplistic solution, and maybe this would be a cool feature in general, would be in the iOS app to have a "configure notifications" menu under the gear icon for each camera (where we enable/disable notifications now). Then just options to enable notifications for 1) human, 2) vehicle, 3) motion. I think the iOS app knows what is being detected, since the iOS notification is different for human detected, vehicle detected, or motion... This doesn't exactly solve my problem, but I think is probably doable without too many other changes?

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