M1 Mac Mini power consumption ?
  • Hi

    I’m currently using 2 NAS’s to run 4 cameras, not used security Spy for a few years.

    Thinking of a new M1 mac Mini mainly as a photo and media machine.
    Also thinking of moving my cameras over to make full use of the machine while gaining improved performance.

    Any ideas what the power consumption would be running 4 cameras?
    Suspect it will be higher than a basic NAS but no where near the max 150W apple quote.
    I’m guessing 20-40W?

    Cheers Phil
  • Hi Phil,

    This is difficult to predict, and we have no metrics on this ourselves, but running SecuritySpy with 4 cameras under normal conditions should not put much load on the M1 Mac mini, so I predict that the power consumption due to SecuritySpy will not be significant (i.e. maybe a few watts). Apple quotes the baseline power consumption of this machine sitting idle as 7W. Interestingly the maximum power consumption that Apple quotes for this machine is only 39W, not 150 (see Mac mini power consumption and thermal output (BTU) information). This is an amazingly energy-efficient machine!
  • My mini with 4 cameras is using 10-11w as reported by my UPS. That is also including a USB powered hard drive and a USB powered m.2 SSD. That may also include my sleeping monitor, but I am not sure.
  • Thanks for this @chadchr - very helpful!

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