Constant time out with Self Checking
  • I have three Hikvision DS-2DE2A404IW-DE3 4MP Outdoor PTZ Network Dome Cameras. About every 30 minutes or less all three cameras "timeout" and perform a self check (panning, tilting, zooming), and then they reconnect. Most of the time they reconnect to their original positions, but sometimes not.

    I am running Security Spy (Ver 5.3.4) on an iMac 2017 running Bir Sur V 11.4.
    All my cameras are running on ethernet runs to Netgear unmanaged switches which are then cabled into my Verizon router.

    Does anyone have any ideas/information how to stop the continuous self-checking or is there a setting in security spy?

  • What model of Netgear switch are you using? Are all of the cameras on the same switch? What is their total POE power budget?
  • Unmanaged PoE Switch (GS108PP) - with 8 x PoE+ @ 123W NETGEAR 16-Port Gigabit
    Unmanaged PoE Switch (GS116PP) - with 16 x PoE+ @ 183WNETGEAR 16-Port PoE Gigabit
    Managed Ethernet Plus Switch (JGS516PE) - with 8 x PoE @ 85W

    Cameras are spread out. 2 cameras on the 183W 1 camera on the 123W
  • Hi John - what you are describing sounds like the startup self-check pattern for these cameras, which would indicate that they are periodically rebooting for some reason. This is consistent with timeout in SecuritySpy. Lack of PoE power is a reasonable first guess, but if they are on different switches, this seems less likely.

    One possibility is that they have been set to reboot themselves at certain intervals - can you log onto the settings pages and check for this?

    Another possibility is a general power failure affecting the whole network - do the cameras all reboot at exactly the same time?

    Finally, many cameras automatically keep a log of recent events - see if you can find this via the settings pages. This may show the cause of the reboots.
  • All three of the PTZ cameras reboot at the same time as well as one Phylink (non PTZ) camera. I also have another Hikvision (same model) on another Netgear with that does not perform the self checking. I have been slowly upgrading cameras from Phylink to Hikvision, the first camera was performing self checking but I did not think much of it. That was the only on that I had on the network, so lack of Poe power is probably not the issue. I have check the Hikvision software and cannot find and mention in the software that the cameras even self check. I also check the camera manual, again no mention of a self check mode ? Very curious.
  • There isn't really any such thing as a periodic camera "self check", rather it sounds like the cameras are rebooting, and this is their startup sequence.

    Since you have PoE multiple cameras of different brands rebooting at the same time, this does sound like a power issue, which points to the switch, though it's difficult to determine why this could be happening (apart from lack of PoE power, which you have ruled out).

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