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  • First let me apologize if this is a complete noob question. Is it possible to get iOS push notifications from multiple servers? I have added two servers to the app, one at home and one at a second vacation home. I only get notifications from the first server at home, not the second regardless of which one is be monitored by the app. Thanks so much for the help!
  • Yes, notifications should come through from both servers, no matter which server is being monitored by the app or even if the app is open or not at the time of the notification. If this is not working for one server, then make sure that server is actually running, and the camera in question is armed for Actions mode (because notifications are classed as Actions). If this doesn't explain it, check the log file on this server (File menu > Open Log) to see if there are any error messages related to sending notifications.
  • @Ben Thanks for the prompt reply! I believe the action is set accordingly as I am receiving email notifications, just not iOS. It will be a few weeks until I can verify the logs, as I have fully set everything up for remote. However, once I have access to the log file is there anything in particular I should be looking at to troubleshoot? Or just report back with log error? Thanks so much for the help and all the work! The apps are great!
  • The other thing to check is that notifications are actually enabled in the iOS app for the appropriate cameras, as per our instructions.

    If this doesn't fix it, we can take a look at the log and report back for you if we see anything strange. Please send it to and please also include a debug file (SecuritySpy menu > Debug submenu > Create Debug File On Desktop).
  • Ugh! I am embarrassed to say, that yes I did miss this step. Sorry, for the erroneous post!
  • OK, great to hear it was a simple fix!

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