Video call not prompting User/Pass
  • So when trying to use something like
    img src="https://**********.com/video?cameraNum=34&viewMethod=4&auth=Z3VsZasdfasdfemU2NA==" >

    Browsers will not prompt for a login.... If I move it an iframe it does prompt? Any ideas?


  • Hi Phillip, if the "auth" parameter is correct then you should not get a prompt for a username/password, whether this element is within an iframe or not. If you are getting a prompt for a username password, this either indicates that the auth parameter is incorrect, or that there is some other element on the page that requires authentication.
  • Correct, when passing the auth element it does work, but what if I want the prompt?

  • If you want the prompt, simply remove the auth parameter from the URL.
  • Sorry for the confusion, as I used a bad example in the initial post:

    So currently when using the img tag in HTML, SS will not prompt for a login if the auth is left out. The desired behavior would be for it to prompt instead of showing a broken image link.

    This was tested on multiple browsers.
  • Thanks for explaining, I understand now. In all cases when a resource is requested without proper authentication, SecuritySpy does return an authorisation error (HTTP 401). Whether you then actually get prompted for the username/password then depends entirely on the web browser. SecuritySpy has no control over this specific behaviour - it is decided by the browser.

    Instead of embedding images into a page, you could take a look at the "HTML page containing live video or still images" resource, described on the SecuritySpy Web Server Specifications page. I'm not sure if this would be suitable for your specific use case however.
  • I was able to code around the issue to obtain the desired effect. I am calling a hidden iframe (then removing after auth) to prompt the user pass then using the img call to allow for responsive video within the browser.


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