Can anyone name an outdoor IP/wifi style cam that doesn't have a wide angle lens?
  • I've been mildly successful getting a Wifi cam to work trained on my birdfeeders, but the wide angle lens means I have to get it too close for good focus in order to get what I want in frame. Does anyone have a camera they can name that doesn't have a wide angle lens? Doesn't have to be the latest and greatest. Bonus points if recheargable (otherwise I'm just going to have 2 more steps to mowing the lawn next summer.) Thanks!
  • Look for a camera with a varifocal or zoom lens - these can be zoomed in to give you a closer view of the feeder (the difference is that varifocal lenses are designed to be set once upon installation, whereas zoom lenses can be continually operated).

    Does the camera have to be WiFi? You will get much better reliability (especially for an outdoor camera), as well as more choice of cameras, if you can connect the camera by wired Ethernet.

    An Amcrest IP2M-858W could potentially be a good option for you.
  • Don't know if it would work with SS. Has Zoom.
  • The specs looks OK for that Reolink, however there are serious problems with Reolink cameras and we recommend that people avoid them for use with SecuritySpy. Please see our Supported Cameras list.
  • Thanks for the input! My problem with Reolink is their racist listings on Amazon (look at the graphics)- would never send them a penny.
    The Amcrest costs $300... I guess I forgot to note that I'm not interested in throwing more than $60-100 at this. The $30 camera I have out there now works, sort of, except for the wide angle lens.
  • Oh, no, there's no way to do it wired, thanks for asking. I'm on the second floor and the yard is on the other side of the building from computer room.
  • Outdoor plus WiFi is already quite hard to find - if you also need zoom for less than $100 it's going to be difficult to find something that is also of reasonable quality (i.e. not a crappy/no-name camera that won't work well). The SV3C B16VW-5MP-HX looks like it would fit the bill perhaps? SV3C is one of the more reliable manufacturers in the low-cost segment of the market.
  • I tore the internet apart and I can't find any evidence of that SV3C model for sale anywhere or what the cost might be.
  • Sorry about that, that SV3C camera is available from Amazon here in the UK, but perhaps in the US it's harder to find. The camera you link to does not state ONVIF support, so I would steer clear of that. If you're going to go for an unrecognisable brand (e.g. one that's not on our camera list) then you need it to explicitly state ONVIF support to stand a good chance of it working with SecuritySpy.
  • I did see this response when posted (but wasn't logged in on that machine)- thanks for your advice!
  • Arlo? although I'm not sure if it's still in the market now. We got ours from years back.
  • Thanks! Looks like the current models start at $130 and have wide angle lenses. Do you know the model number of your by chance?
  • Oh, it just said "arlo" on its box. I think it's one of their first releases. I saw some 3rd parties selling it. If I ever find the link again, I'll send follow up here. lol. But it's on Amazon for sure. Ours has a 110 viewing angle. If you feel this is wide, this might not be the one for you too.
  • @nealk I found the SV3C on Amazon in the US here: I haven't tried it yet, but there is a SecuritySpy-specific review that is quite detailed.
  • Update on SV3C wifi variant: I've been fairly pleased with the results on their wifi camera unit that l linked to earlier. Good image quality, and has withstood spring showers and implausible summer heat (113F/45C) on occasion. Solid camera; I'm going to buy a few more PoE versions to replace various other cameras that have finally died or become too low-res to be left in production. It does have somewhat of a wide field - 3.6mm lens - but image quality is good.
  • Just out of curiosity what camera profile are you using with these SV3C cameras? I can get them to work, but can’t find a profile that gets the audio to work accordingly.
  • Do we know if Foscam Z2 is compatible with S.S.? Seems to be about the cheapest cam with optical zoom out there.
  • Hi @nealk we haven't had any confirmed reports of anyone using this one, so I can't say for sure. We haven't had great experiences with Foscam in the past, so my advice would be to go for an alternative brand such as Amcrest. Also, the resolution of the Z2 is only 2 MP, which is quite low by today's standards.

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