IP camera recommendation for Reg. Numbers and shutter speed adjustment
  • Hi - I have been running an ieGeek £50 IP camera 1080 over wifi with SD card recording too. But it has failed and I need to replace it. I have a identical ieGeek but it runs on updated firmware that sadly has been hobbled and so does not allow me to tweak the shutter speed. I run my camera at high shutter speed so passing, near traffic is frozen in still images and I can read the plates. This sacrifices effectiveness in dusk and night.

    So I need a recommendation for a UK camera 1080 or better, that allows iOS control, sd card capture, FTP upload and maybe motion capture (as a backup to the Security Spy software) AND sufficient tweaking to the shutter speed to allow optimisation for traffic logging.
  • Firstly, I would recommend sticking to a manufacturer on our list of supported cameras.

    Many cameras allow the settings of shutter speeds, but unfortunately not all of them, and it's difficult to find out whether a camera has this setting except by looking at its web interface or user manual. Most Dahua cameras I have come across recently have comprehensive settings for this, so I think that Dahua would be a good option for you (but again, before purchasing a camera, you may like to check its user manual to confirm).

    Our only criteria for inclusion on our list of supported cameras are good enough Mac browser compatibility, and compatibility with SecuritySpy. I don't have any information about additional on-camera features such as iOS control, recording or FTP upload.
  • Thanks Ben. With such limited documentation online I think it is more a case of trial and error to find that elusive camera that has the features.

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