Coral AI?
  • Ben,

    Curious if you've taken a look at and whether this could be a way to to offload some processing and extend some benefit to SecuritySpy and our Macs? Lot of different competitive paths with Blue Iris, Frigate, and others I'm hearing/reading are starting to move towards Coral. I don't know any more than I've read, but those using it seem to swear by it. I have been procrastinating to make a move to another platform (probably newer Mac mini) and I'll keep my VirtualBox VM's & Plex on my 2013 MacPro. I had to turn off some cameras since the MacPro was crashing so much, and I find myself debating whether I'm getting the long term value investment by staying with Macs. Many in the communities are calling me crazy and saying I need to make the move to Linux and stop throwing money away on Macs. It's a Love/Hate relationship with Apple and me, but even though it's been an expensive road, I've liked the reliability and the ease of far.

    I've been tied at the hip with SecuritySpy for many years and it's worked great. The recent Home Assistant integration was awesome. Now I'm finding that I'm advancing my home automation to the next level and planning my roadmap. Your insights and expertise are always appreciated...
  • Thanks for pointing us towards Coral, it does look very interesting and we'll take a look.

    Yes, I understand your love/hate relationship, and Apple hardware can be significantly more expensive than non-apple alternatives, but in our (perhaps slightly biased) opinion, Macs are worth every penny due to ease of use, advanced OS, stability, high quality hardware, and wealth of quality software from Apple and other developers. And, the performance and capabilities of the new M1 chip is simply stunning, and a very good reason to stay with Mac.

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