How to determine cause of Vehicle Detection false alarms?
  • I get a ton of false alarms triggered by Vehicle Detection. I'm looking at the picture saved, and I don't see anything that could have been mistaken for a vehicle. Yes I can set it to be less sensitive but I'd like first to understand what's fooling it. Is there a way to see what it saw that triggered as vehicle? I thought there was some way to see the red box around things it picks as motion, but I don't see it on the saved images in Browse. Also, is there a way for it to mark off (put that red square) on every image it takes when recording JPGs of motion, so that I can always see what it found?
  • Please see our blog post Optimising SecuritySpy’s AI Object Detection - this describes how to determine what is causing the AI triggers.

    Note that the vehicle AI is "only" about 97% accurate, so for 100 basic motion events (i.e. something moving in the frame), the AI will correctly classify whether the object is a vehicle 97 times. So, if you have lots of movement, you will get quite a few false-positive detections creeping in. That's why it's always important to optimise for basic motion detection too - see How To Achieve Effective Motion Detection.

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