Multiples actions on one camera?
  • Hello again!

    Is this possible?

    I currently have one of my cameras trigger a HomeKit device at night so Actions are armed sunset to sunrise. I would also like that camera to give me iOS notifications for motion detection all day and night. Is there a workaround for this?

    Many thanks
  • If you want some Actions on one schedule, and other Actions on a different schedule, then a workaround to achieve this is to create two instances of the same camera in SecuritySpy (as long as you use the same device settings, SecuritySpy will recognise you are doing this, and won't count the second instance towards your license limit and won't duplicate the camera's stream). Then each camera instance can have different schedules for arming Actions mode.
  • Ben,

    Is this something you will update in a future update? Thanks
  • Currently, all Actions for each camera must be under the same schedule, which is granular enough for the vast majority of users. It would be a big change and added complexity to the way SecuritySpy works, and its user interface, to be able to allow different Actions to be under different schedules, so I don't see us adding this functionality in a future update.

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