Homekit Geolocation
  • Hi

    Not sure if discussed before as nothing showed up in a search, but is it possible to use HomeKit geolocation to only have motion detection notifications when noones home?

    Many thanks
  • This is possible by using a dummy switch in HomeKit (either a physical HomeKit switch or a virtual switch created by something like Homebridge):

    First, you create a Scene in the Home app to turn on the switch when home, and off when you leave home.

    Then, in our HomeHelper app, you create two triggers that are based on this switch: one when the switch turns on and the other when it turns off.

    Finally, in SecuritySpy, under Preferences > Scheduling > Schedule Presets, you configure one schedule preset with the set of schedules you want to enact when the switch turns on (which happens when you come home), and another schedule preset with the schedules to enact when the switch turns off (which happens when you leave home).

    I's not possible for SecuritySpy to access this information from HomeKit directly, so this is a good workaround that, while a bit convoluted, works well once all set up.
  • Thats great Ben, will give it a try! Many thanks


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