Playback of captured video stopping (again)
  • Having problems again with video playback stopping, requires clicking "play" again. Not experiencing any Packet Loss, tried different frame rates, etc. with no success. Last stable release and new beta as well. Any suggestions?
  • Is this via SecuritySpy's Browser feature, via the web interface in a web browser (e.g. Safari), or in SecuritySpy's iOS app?

    If it's in the iOS app or a web browser, the main reason why playback would start and then stop is if the network connection at the time is not fast enough to download the movie while it's being played. In this case you may see that the first bit plays, and then it stops, requiring you to wait a few moments and press the play button again. Is this what you are seeing?
  • Its the S.S. app Browser itself running on an M1 Mac Mini. Dashboard shows no Packet Loss on any of my four external cameras (two Dahua PTZs, one Hikvision Colorvu PTZ, and one Hikvision Colorvue bullet. All set to 15 fps, and 30 iframe interval.
  • I just installed the SS 30 day trial. I set motion capture to one file per day. Many times(not always though), I have this same issue.

    I have SS installed on a M1 Mac mini. The files are stored on an external hard drive. All playback is using the SS Browser.

    I tend to view the files at 4x or 8x until I see something interesting.

    I have experienced another issue that might be related. When playing back a file there is a "No Video" screen between clips. Sometimes the actual clip just displays "No Video". If I pause the playback the image appears. If I scroll back and try again the video will usually display as it should. Any ideas?

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