Full Screen Mode (maximise)
  • I'm looking for a way to maximize the window for an individual camera via AppleScript. Looking at the dictionary, I see a few verbs which look promising. The "Open/Close Main Video Window" verbs work as expected and display all cameras included in the main video window. What I find confusing is the "Enter/Exit Full screen Mode" verbs. "Enter Full Screen Mode opens the Main Video Window in full screen mode and "Exit" returns the Main Video Window to it's original state.

    Is there a way to maximize an individual camera window?
  • There is no way via AppleScript to maximise individual windows. We'll see if we can add this in a future update.

    When you use the "enter/exit full screen mode" commands, you're invoking SecuritySpy's own full screen mode, which is separate from the All Cameras window (though all cameras are added by default the first time you invoke it). In SecuritySpy's full screen mode, each screen connected to your Mac has a separate array of cameras that can be set independently.

    If you want a specific camera or cameras to be shown full screen, use the "enter full screen mode" command along with the "remove full screen" and "add full screen" commands in order to show just the camera(s) you want and remove the camera(s) you don't want. Specify a camera number of -1 to mean "all cameras". So for example, to go to full screen mode and display only camera number 2, you would do this:

    tell application "SecuritySpy"
        remove full screen camera number -1 screen number 0
        add full screen camera number 2 screen number 0
        enter full screen mode
    end tell
  • I'll give that a try and see how it goes.
    Can you shed some light on the "screen number" parameter of the add full screen verb? Can I create, say 4 screens (0 - 3) with 4 different cameras associated with them and then call the screens by number?
    I'm just not following the whole "screen number" parameter and where it is used.
  • Oh, I just re-read your answer above and now I get it. Screen number pertains to physical monitors connected to the Mac. If there is only one monitor, there's only one screen available - makes sense. Sorry for the previous question. I get it now.
  • Nice workaround Ben! Everything functions exactly like I wanted. I'd think you can de-prioritize the maximize camera window addition in future updates. This works just fine.
  • Great to hear that. Yes, as you correctly surmised, the screen number refers to the physical screens that you have attached to the Mac. If there is only a single screen then this is screen number 0 (zero).

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