iOS App - Slow Multiplex
  • I'm on an iPhone XS Max connected to a wireless access point that's only about 20 feet away from where I sit. The multiplex view of four cameras is delayed and freezes frequently. It's pretty confusing, actually, because sometimes a camera will lock on a frame for 5+ seconds and if I'm watching someone walk from A to B I can often see them appear at A and then instead of seeing the frames, even at a lower FPS, I see them stay at A and then 5+ seconds later appear at B.

    If I go to the Cameras tab, all of those cameras update frequently and fluidly and never lock up this way (I can only see 3 cams at a time though). When viewing the cameras individually it's exceptionally smooth as well. The issue only exists in multiplex view.

    Anyone else seeing this?
  • This does sound strange. I can't reproduce this - for me all views in the multiplex are fluid with no freezing. It would be interesting to hear if any others are experiencing this.

    One possible cause is if your server is overloaded, could this be the case? If you look at CPU usage in the Dashboard, what kind of level is it generally at? If you look in the log (File menu > Open Log), do you see any messages related to high CPU usage or video decoder overload?
  • I've been having problems for months.
    With moderate use of live view on IOS, I can bring the feed to a halt!
    Strangely the audio plays fine, but the video freezes and has the dredded red X.
    This happens on all devices. two iPhones, an iPad, and apple tv.
    Restarting the devises has no effect. force quitting Securityspy has no effect.
    The only fix is to restart my iMac. I've setup the iMac to restart every day at noon thru power saver settings, but some days I still have to restart the iMac manually several times a day.
    No error logs reported.
    No high CPU showing.
    No Packet loss.
    Video decoder pressure 2 percent.

    This all started after updating to Big sur and Securityspy 5..

    I'm Stumped.

  • Hmm, my issue isn't quite as severe as what Mike is describing. It's more of a curious irritation than anything. I've got good wifi signal to the device and the access point and Mac mini are on the same switch. Latency is excellent. This mini in particular is only running four cameras so the CPU load from SS hovers around 13%. It's always been this way for me and I've been meaning to ask about it. Each cam is 4K @ 15fps and is fast and smooth when viewed individually, but slow and choppy only when viewed in multiplex. It's almost as if the app (or the server) is attempting to reduce the FPS on the fly for this view. Not sure, but viewing with one phone on multiplex view brings CPU up to 37% - still not a lot, but there is an increase when using multiplex. When viewing the cameras from the "cameras" tab the cpu goes down to 20% and when closing the iOS app, back down to 13%.

    Additional info:
    macOS 10.15.7 (19H524)
    Mac mini (2018) - Macmini8,1
    Processor Name: 6-Core Intel Core i7
    Processor Speed: 3.2 GHz
    Memory: 16 GB
  • @Ben if you want, I can take a sample screen recording.

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