External drives not mounting fast enough for SecuritySpy
  • Have any of you had an issue with SecuritySpy not waiting long enough for external drives to mount? I've got 4 Western Digital Element HDD's plugged into a Thunderbolt 3 Dock via its 4 USB-A type ports, and 1 TB3 enclosure for a 970 EVO SSD 1TB - M.2 NVMe plugged directly into the M1 Mac mini via TB3. I use the TB3 SSD for SecuritySpy except it mounts too slowly, and SecuritySpy gives up waiting. Best way to speed it up or pause the start of SecuritySpy?
  • So I *think* I went ahead and solved this with a launchctl Agent and bash script. But I ran into issues with SecuritySpy launching on its own and couldn't figure out where or why, so I ended up buying the App Lingon X 8 to help me out.

    The script part


    i=180 #How long to wait for the drive to mount.

    while ! [ -d "/Volumes/Surveillance/SecuritySpy" ] && [ $i -gt 0 ] ; do
    sleep 1
    open /Applications/SecuritySpy.app
  • SecuritySpy waits around 25 seconds upon launch for any disks that aren't yet available. If this is not long enough we can increase this wait time. How long do your disks take to mount when you boot/restart the Mac?
  • Hi Ben, I'm fine with what I have now. It's working fine with my script and launchctl.

  • Great to hear that. If you have seen this with your disks then it's likely that a few other users will experience this too, so we'll up the wait time a bit in the next update.
  • It takes mine about one minute and 15 seconds to mount after hitting RETURN for my password. And this is after removing the 3 Volumes I created on the SSD and replaced with just one thinking that might help. I also have a video of this. 1:13 and 1:18 was how long it took to mount all my drives.
  • Wow, that's a long time! I think it's probably best that we add an option in the general preferences so that the user can choose how long to wait. And then we should have a progress bar on the initial splash screen while waiting. I'll see if we can add this in the next update.
  • here's my +1 vote for that custom variable and splash screen. I've had to write mounting scripts in the past to alleviate slow loads as well. It's not needed in the majority of my installs, but I've seen it in a handful where it's a NAS that's only used with SS, for example, and may be in low power mode/sleep. That wake and spin up time varies on some models and that's where I've had to introduce the script. Having the variable (and I love the progress bar idea) would remove the need for anything external to this mounting process.
  • This option has now been added to the latest beta version of SecuritySpy (currently 5.3.3b9). You'll find it under Preferences > Storage.

    When you open SecuritySpy, if a disk takes more than a few seconds to appear, SecuritySpy will give feedback that it is waiting for a disk, with a countdown for how long it will wait.

    Please both test and let me know your thoughts!
  • I sent you an email. It's working fine now it seems, just had a crash on initial reboot and running of the Beta. Seem fine now though. Might install release version, and they Beta again to see if I experience that same initial hiccup I saw.

    Went back and forth with Beta and Release installs and never had that hiccup occur again. Beta always ran as expected. I've now removed my custom scripts and all is well. Thanks Ben!

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