At Startup- long delay in finding Capture Destination.
  • Greetings-

    I've been using a Seagate 5400 RPM for about 2 years (not bad really)... but it seems to be dying, I've re-formatted it a bunch of times… But there still is an incredible delay, more than 10 seconds, at start up to find the Capture Destination.

    I replaced the 5400 with a LaCie d2 7200 RPM Professional 8TB… But the delay is still there.

    I'm using a late 2014 Mac mini, 2.6 i5, 7 cameras, 10 frames. But I wipe that clean and reformatted it… And still poor performance. Before the delay in "finding capture destination", I never had issues with the performance. Somethings wrong here… But I think the "Finding Capture Destination" is just one of the symptoms of an underlying problem.

    Thanks in advance… And everyone be well.


  • Hi Jay,

    It sounds like SecuritySpy has a stale bookmark to a previous disk that it's trying to resolve upon startup but can't. It gives up after around 20 seconds, hence the delay.

    The solution is to go to Preferences > Storage and make sure the new disk is set there as the capture destination by clicking the "Set..." button and selecting the disk.

    Then, go to Preferences > Cameras > Setup for each camera in turn, and click the "Reset" button at the bottom for the capture destination shown there.
  • Hi Ben

    As always, thanks so much for your excellent and timely help.

    That resolves the issue… I guess I'll use the old Seagate to expand my time machine library :-) truth be told I've been looking to upgrade to 7200 for a while... After your discussion about hard drives.

    Thanks again and be well

  • Great to hear this resolves the issue. Hopefully there's still some life in the Seagate yet - the specific symptom you are describing does not indicate the disk has gone bad. But certainly the large and fast LaCie drive sounds like it's the best one to use for SecuritySpy.

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