iOS Feature Request
  • Would love to see an option to swipe in recordings i.e. swipe left for prior and right for next recording when viewing captured footage, instead of closing, back to list, repeat, etc.

    And if we could do this for the web interface as well, frosting on the cake ;)

  • I agree, this would be a nice addition. Unfortunately for iOS this involves re-coding the entire media playing screen. However we want to do this in order to add the feature you are describing as well as a few others (e.g. a share button).
  • Also a highlight to show which file was chosen when one return back from viewing the selected video, for now I keep track based on the time stamp filename and I have to have it in landscape to see the whole file name but viewing the video there are obstructions when scrubbing . Would be nice to keep it in portrait mode as there are no video obstruction by the three indicators that are visible in landscape mode.
  • Many thanks for the suggestion @Araujo I think this is a very good idea, I'll see if we can add this.
  • Agree with @Araujo about highlighting the selected video. Hopefully it is an easy add.

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