Multi Sensor Cameras
  • Hello,

    I'm looking at replacing a few single sensor cameras with a few multi sensor cameras (Panasonic WV-S8530N). It has four image sensors. How does that work with SecuritySpy licensing?

  • It depends whether the camera stitches together the image from its multiple sensors into one stream to send to SecuritySpy (in which case it uses only a single camera "slot" in SecuritySpy's license), or whether the camera is essentially multiple independent cameras put into one housing, with each streaming independently to SecuritySpy (in which case it will use one license slot per sensor).

    The datasheet of the Panasonic WV-S8530N does not indicate any kind of stitching functionality, so it looks like it provides four separate streams: one for each sensor. Hence to SecuritySpy it will look like four independent cameras.

    Note that this particular model doesn't offer particularly high resolution: each sensor is only 2 MP - not great by today's standards. If you're considering spending this much on a camera, I would suggest that you should look at ones that offer higher resolution.
  • That's a bummer.

    Last question, I was looking at the panasonic because it encoded H.265. I'm wondering if it matters since I can have SecuritySpy do the H.265 compression when it does the recording. I'm not worried about the size of the stream, but I am worried about space on the disk.
  • If it's important for you to have the most efficient captured file size possible, then you should get a camera that can output H.265. SecuritySpy will then receive the H.265 video data from the camera and record this as-is to captured files.

    While it is possible for SecuritySpy to receive a different format from the cameras (e.g. JPEG or H.264) and then re-encode this to H.265 for recordings, I would strongly advise against this, because H.265 requires significant processing resources to encode, which can severely negatively impact the performance of your Mac, as well as reducing video quality.

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